100% made with purpose

We dream of a world without kids sleeping on the streets.

Jampis was born with a clear purpose which is to contribute not only to a more sustainable world but to the children and the future of our society. Even though this might feel far-flung from our reality, there still are millions of children living on the streets in the present day, and that’s why we dream of the day when this stops from happening.

For this reason, we pledge to donate 2€ for each Jampis that we sell to the NGO Kings and Queens of Kibera so that they can invest it in building beds, buying mattresses, sheets... contributing to their mission: getting homeless children off the streets and giving them a home and an education.

Kings and Queens of Kibera. It is a non-profit organization that has been working for more than 15 years to guarantee a better future to kids born and raised in the suburbs of Nairobi, a place where many underage children are left alone due to the death or abandonment of their relatives, becoming responsible for a very uncertain future at a very young age.

This small project has managed to get different boys and girls off the streets and are currently providing them with a home and education. They are already going through the third generation of Kings and Queens who choose a future with better opportunities.

Do you want to know more about this project? Check out their website.

100% made with organic cotton in barcelona

We dream of a cleaner world.

We are also committed to a sustainable and ethical production so that present and future generations can live in a better world.

When we started working on the idea of our pyjamas, we had no doubts about who we wanted to work with: the workshops closest to us. They have a long experience and a closeness that allows us to visit very often, work together to find the ideal fabric and do all the necessary tests until we find the perfect result. Therefore promoting the local economy, avoiding factories with exploitative working conditions and reducing the environmental impact.

Thus, the design and ideation of our pyjamas, the elaboration of the organic fabric, the dyeing, pattern making and the manufacturing has been entirely produced in Barcelona and its surroundings.

Our pyjamas are made entirely with 100% organic cotton .

As they do not have synthetic or elastic fibers, our pyjamas are made to last for many years in your wardrobes.

Our brand patches are also made of a cellulose-based material, which is a vegan and a sustainable alternative to traditional leather. This fabric is resistant to infinite washes and hardly any tears.

To make it possible for Jampis to reach your home safely, we have created a personalized sustainable and recycled packaging.

You can imagine that honest production is more expensive and requires more effort than other companies that decide not to. For this reason, we cannot and don’t want to compete with their prices. What if we can make sure that it will last longer and you will not need to renew it or even throw it away. This is the only way to approach a more promising future for Earth and for those who will live and rest on it.

Changing the world takes a lot of effort, but we believe it is possible.

Join our purpose, choose Jampis for relaxing.

We are verified by Ethical Time.

100% communication without filters

We dream with truly transparent brands.

The truth is: we don’t sleep on cotton clouds. Nor do we look fresh and relaxed when we first open our eyes in the morning. That's why we’ve decided to create a new pyjamas paradigm because we believe there is a big opportunity to create better communication. 

We are a group of creatives who after working for several years in the advertising world we had the desire to build a truly transparent brand that reflected our values in the way it communicated. We dream of a world in which brands develop a more human and real communication, without pretentiousness. At Jampis we want to openly share our tiredness because we work hard everyday to better ourselves. We accept the dark circles, the uncontrollable yawns, the annoying snoring and the eye boogers; we even like your morning face. We will show it to you without any shame.