stay true

Creating a truthful brand.

We created Jampis for you to relax and for you who dream of a better world. 

A world in which brands develop a more human and real communication, without pretentiousness.  At Jampis we want to openly share our tiredness because we work hard everyday to better ourselves. We accept the dark circles, the uncontrollable yawns, the annoying snoring and the eye boogers; we even like your morning face.

Besides, we are also committed to helping children who live on the streets find a decent place where they can rest, sleep and grow up. We allocate part of our profits to small non-profit organizations that help these children to have a more humane life. 

Because we try to do our best, our pyjamas could only be but sustainable. Simple, comfortable, made with organic materials and designed and produced in Barcelona. They await all of you who try to change the world everyday so that you can rest soundly for many many nights.

Learn more about our purpose on our impact section. 

Thanks so much for reading and trusting us. 

Let’s keep dreaming together. 

Jampis Team.

p.d. The pics here were taken at 6am during the photoshot journey we made with the first prototipes pyjamas we received. Enjoy our morning faces!